Hot Connection Indicator (HCI)

What is the Hot Connection Indicator (HCI)?

Why permanent colour change at 70°C?

Are HCI’s easy to fit?

Why purple and pink colours?

What size of cables will HCIs fit?

Does the HCI become brittle or disintegrate at eleveated temperatures?

What is the purpose of the HCI?

Once HCIs are installed and the cover is refitted you can’t see if they have changed colour!

What is the ideal application for the HCI?

What do I do if a fitted HCI changes colour?

How long will an HCI last?

What is unique about the HCI?

What advatage does the HCI have over thermal camera inspections?

What other benefits does the HCI have?

Would a heated MCB connection operate the thermal trip in-built into the device?

I’m interested in buying large quantities

Technical Questions

Why 55°C and 70°C colour change?

HCI comparison indication

Electrical Insulation Testing?

Short term heat durability