Sanitising Station

Our new Hand Sanitising Stations provide the perfect solution for any building that has visitors – including hospitals, key-worker production and distribution centres, supermarkets and shops.

The cabinets are mounted on castors for easy placement and movement and are supplied with everything required to properly and thoroughly clean hands.

The sanitising station is complete with signage and has double sided boards to promote segregation.

  • The industry must comply with the latest Government advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19) at all times.
  • If a site is not consistently implementing the measures set out by PHE, it may be subject to enforcement action.
  • The HSE is the relevant enforcing authority for PHE guidelines.
  • Construction sites operating during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic need to ensure they are protecting their workforce and minimizing the risk of spread of infection.
  • The guidance is intended to introduce consistent measures on construction sites of all types and sizes.
  • The health and safety requirements of any construction activity must not be compromised at this time. If an activity cannot be undertaken safely, it should not take place.

Hand Washing

  • Provide hand cleaning facilities at site entrances and exits. This should be soap and water wherever possible or hand sanitiser if soap and water are not available
  • Require all workers to wash their hands for 20 seconds using soap and water when entering and leaving the site
  • Where loading and offloading arrangements on site will allow it, drivers should remain in their vehicles. Where drivers are required to exit their vehicle, they should wash or sanitise their hands before handling any materials
  • Provide additional hand washing facilities (e.g. pop ups) to the usual welfare facilities, particularly on a large spread out site or where there are significant numbers of personnel on site, including plant operators
  • Ensure adequate supplies of soap and fresh water are readily available and kept topped up at all times
  • Hand sanitiser (minimum 60% alcohol based) is recommended by PHE where hand washing facilities are unavailable. Please ensure you provide or order the correct sanitisers as advised.
  • Regularly clean the hand washing facilities and provide suitable and sufficient rubbish bins for hand towels with regular removal and disposal

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