Ener-J Non Dimmable 5A RF Receiver

Ener-J Non Dimmable 5A RF Receiver

SKU: WS1055X

  • Small receiver easily fits into wiring boxes and has built-in fuse & self-protected.

  • Compatible any lamps like halogen, incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, LED.

  • Once the switch is pressed, the transmitter built in to the switch sends wireless signal to receiver to accomplish power on/off control

  • A receiver can pair with several switches to accomplish 1-2 way switch system ,3- way switch system, Multi-way switch system ( MAX 10 switches )

  • Wide applications for home, office, hotel, supermarket, factory, hospital, hazardous locations, public buildings.

Do not place Receiver controller in metal enclosure.

Please note: Isolate power before connecting receiver. Failure to do so can cause electric shock, fire or other hazards.
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