The Risk & Consequence

High Temperature Electrical Connection Breakdown or Fire

The thermal camera images below highlight high resistance electrical connections and demonstrate how far the heat conducts into the immediate length of the cable. This is where to install hot connection indicators.

High resistance/temperature electrical connections can easily lead to breakdown or fire and are one of the main causes of fire in properties and businesses.  This is especially prevalent in consumer units and distribution boards. Please see the incident photographs below of real occurrences.

Are you aware of the 2017-2018 UK Fire Statistics associated with electrical distribution and other appliances?
• 7,554 fires in electrical distribution.
• 5,516 fires in other electrical appliances.
• 91 fatalities.
• 1,096 non-fatal casualties.
• The fire risks associated with electrical intakes is nationally recognised by the National Fire Chiefs Council.
• The fire risks associated with electrical intakes are regularly mentioned in the Electrical Safety First Switched On magazine.